ToR Accommodation and Conference Services for RPKS

Terms of Reference

Network of Organizations for Rural Development of Kosovo (NORDK) is looking for accommodation and conference services for the 1st Rural Parliament of Kosovo

  1. Background Information

‘’P9302 – ADEN Project’ ’is implemented by Network of Organizations for Rural Development of Kosovo (NORDK) funded and supported by ‘’ We Effect ’’.

The overall objective of the project is: ‘Empowerment of the NORDK, as an active, powerful and transparent network that represents interests of its members and CSOs in rural development sector, with special approach on gender mainstreaming ‘

The specific objectives are:

Specific Objective 1: Further organizational development of NORDK;

Specific Objective 2: Implementation of NORDK’s Strategy with special approach in gender mainstreaming;

Specific Objective 3: Protecting, promoting and addressing interests of NORDK members and CSO`s on issues concerning rural development sector and rural community through successful implementation of advocacy and lobby activities.

Specific Objective 4: Improvement of socio-economic status of women’s

  1. Objectives of the service

The overall objective of the service is to provide full board accommodation and conference services for the participants of 1st Rural Parliament of Kosovo

  1. Tasks and Responsibilities

The Service Provider (Hotel) is expected to:

  • Work in close cooperation with Organizational Committee of Rural Parliament and with managing staff of NORDK;
  • To fulfill all criteria required according to this ToR;
  1. Outputs/ Deliverables by Service Provider:
  • Provide full board accommodation (price per person):
    • 52 planned participants for 1 night accommodation
    • 10 planned participants for 2 night’s accommodation
    • 9 planned participants for 3 night’s accommodation
  • Provide meal (lunch+ dinner) for person (price per person);

Note: The offered price shall be planned for single person and based on the number of accommodated participants, the expenditures will be paid.

  1. Qualifications and requirements
  • Hotel, shall apply all standards in providing conferencing and accommodation services;
  • Hotel must be active business registered and functional according to the legislation;
  • Hotel must be able to offer conditions and to match all measures against pandemic Covid-19 (distance, disinfectant supplies, hygiene conditions etc…);
  • Shall have all the necessary facilities including restaurant, garden, and parking;
  • Shall have a conference room(s) and related services available in hotel with sufficient space for the session:
  • Shall have previous experience in providing conference and event services;
  • The hotel must have very qualitative and sufficient internet during all sessions of the event;
  1. Delivery and timing

The services should be possible in period that includes the dates 21, 22, 23 and 24 October 2020.

The payment will be carried out after the conclusion of the event based on the contract and provided invoice.

  1. Application procedure

Interested hotels (companies) are advised to submit the offers by 12th October 2020, to the e-mail [email protected] ([email protected]) or through hard copy documentation in premises of NORDK, street UCK, 21000 Rahovec, Kosovo by including a profile of the hotel, business certificates and the financial offer.